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Wednesday, 28 March 2012 11:47

Club Disciplinary Rules & Table - 2014 Season

  • Any 'no show' for a game will receive a one match ban.
  • Failure to provide adequate notice that a player isn't avilable will result in a ban or fine at the team managers discretion based upon circumstances. Adequate notice means by 9pm on the day before a game. Fines will range from $5 to an indefinite ban dependant on severity.

Matchday Teams will be published to the Club Website by Thursday lunchtime - It is the responsibility of each individual player to check the Team Lists and notify the respective Team Coach (or Head Coach) if they are selected, but unavailable.

Card Fines

  • No fines for a single yellow Card
  • 5 yellow cards (over a season) = $20 fine + one game immediate ban
  • 1 red (or 2 yellows in a game) = $20 fine + one game immediate ban. 

Any card resulting in a sending off for fighting OR verbal abuse will result in an additional Club penalty ($10) on top of the above CSL rules + at least 1 game in the squad below at the coaches' discretion. Additional fines and club penalties will be decided by the Club Management Group.

Players must serve their ban as linesman for one of the club's 5 teams and the ban will remain in place until that duty has been served

MBUSC 2014 Card Tally - Updated on dd-mm-2014

Players Name Yellow Red Fines ($)

Rules & Regulations

As a Club Official, Player or Spectator representing our club, we ask that you abide by the requirements set out by the club and the FFSA Respect Campaign.

Our club operates under the rules and regulations set out by the associations in which our teams are registered to play.

These rules cover match play and the behaviour of club officials, coaches and spectators whilst attending games.

We ask that all of our members, in whatever capacity they are representing the club, abide by the laws, regulations and requirements.

In particular, we draw your attention to the FFA Codes of Conduct for club officials, players and spectators:

A full list of applicable documents - including match rules - can be found on the AHJSA (Juniors), CSL (Seniors) and FFSA websites