Simply because we care.

Fleurieu Eco Solutions (FES) seeks to enhance biodiversity and build resilience in our unique ecosystems through natural habitat restoration and integrated land management. Our services include;

  • Woody weed treatment/removal
  • Herbaceous weed control
  • Feral grass control
  • Fuel reduction and native restoration brush cutting
  • Revegetation planning, site preparation, and planting
  • Cartography and field surveys

Experienced in working with private landholders, local councils, DEW, NRM, DPTI, and volunteer groups. With a bachelor degree in Environmental Policy and Management, a graduate certificate in Climate Change Adaptation, and 20 years of field experience, FES has the knowledge and skills to deliver great outcomes in environmental conservation. Fully insured and chemcert accredited, with full pest management technician licence on the way, we look forward to working closely within the local community to protect the unique biodiversity and natural ecosystems around us.