Just in case anyone is having an issues or difficulties registering online, we’ve put together this website to help you out. We may not cover every issue, so if you have any additional questions, please e-mail Brendan and/or Glenys at [email protected] and we will be glad to help you!

First of all, whether you are registering as a State League, Junior Premier League, Senior Ladies, Senior Men or as an Adelaide Hills Junior Soccer Association player, the process is almost identical. If you are playing in more than one competition (E.g JPL and AHJSA) then there are some additional issues, which are covered at the bottom of this page under the heading “Dual Registration”.

HINT: If you live in Mount Barker, the system only accepts the suburb name “Mount Barker” not “Mt Barker” – If you enter the wrong suburb and click to proceed, you may see the following error message at the bottom of the screen – “Save UnSuccessful: Please enter a valid suburb, and/or postcode. “

1. First of all you need to load www.myfootballclub.com.au using your favourite web browser.
NOTE: You can use a mobile phone, but it is a lot easier to use a computer/tablet

2. Once the page loads, you should see in the middle of the screen a button titled “Register now” – Click this

3. There will be 3 options presented to you:

  1. I know my FFA number and I am ready to proceed to a login screen to retrieve my password and or complete my registration.
  2. I have been registered as a player/referee/coach/volunteer before but need to find my FFA number prior to completing my registration.
  3. I have never been registered before and would like to create an FFA account to commence the registration.
  • Which option should you pick?
    • If you remember your FFA Number (username) and your password and are ready to complete the registration process, click option 1
    • If you no longer remember your FFA number (Don’t worry, it’s easy to do!) click option 2
      • You will be asked to enter stgandard security questions and a new password will be e-mailed to your registered e-mail address.
      • Once you know your password, you need to return to this page and click option 1
    • If you are new, you should pick option 3 to create a new account
      • Once you create an account, you need to return to this page to login via option 1 (You should have your FFA number and password e-mailed to you)
      • Unfortunately I can’t create a dummy account to show you the process on how to create an account, but if you need help, we can guide you through the process.

4. Once you login, you will see all your personal details and previous registrations (if any). If this is the first time you have registered, you should be automatically asked to create a registration. Otherwise, click the “Register” button in the section titled “Member Details”

5. You are then asked to select the registration package

6. This is the only difference between registrations.

The club you need to select will depend on what league you are registering for:

  • Adelaide Hills Junior Soccer Association
    • Club Name: Mount Barker United (SA)(AHJSA)
  • State League, Junior Premier League or Senior Ladies
    • Mount Barker United Soccer Club (FFSA)(Club)
  • Collegiate Soccer League (Senior Men)
    • Mount Barker United Soccer Club (Collegiate)(Club)

The text field will auto complete based on what you have entered, so to save time, you can simply type “Mount Barker United” and it should populate all three of the clubs listed above.

7. Select the club that matches your registration

8. You need to now select the registration in “Step 2”, you should see Coach, Volunteer or Player, select the item that best matches your registration type. (Most should select “Player”)

9.You need to now select the “registration package”, i.e “Step 3”, this field will automatically determine which group you are eligible for based on your details such as date of birth. Select the package which best matches the team you are wishing to register for.

10. Once done, click “Add package”, the package should be added into the section titled “Packages”

11. Click “Next”

12. You should then be shown the FFA Terms and Conditions, please read them

13. You have the choice to check this box at the top of the screen “Tick here if you do not want to receive special offers from the partners and sponsors of FFA and Football Administrators”

14. Scroll to the bottom and click “Acknoweldge all” (Assuming you actually do acknowledge it all – obviously)

15. Click Next

16. You now have the option to either pay online or pay the outstanding registration fee “At the club” – This choice is yours. Payment at the club would involve such things as electronic funds transfer, cheque or cash (We do prefer EFT as it makes administration slightly easier) – EFT details are included below.

17. If you choose to pay online, you will need to follow the process to do this, otherwise, click “Pay at club” and Click Next

NOTE: If you are using a Sports Voucher it is best not to pay via MyFootballClub, as the credit card payment will be the complete fee  – select “manual payment at club”

18. You should now be asked personal questions regarding such things as medical information, sponsorship information. These questions will vary depending on your age and which league you are registering. If you have any medical issues, please in the first instance, fill out the information here, and let your coach know as soon as possible. 

19. You should now be registered! (You should get an invoice to say you have registered)

If I have missed a step, please let me know 0 Take a screen shot and e-mail to [email protected]!


EFT Payments

  • FFSA State League (Under 12, Under 15, Under 17, Under 18, Reserves, and First XI) 
    • Account Name – Mount Barker United Soccer Club
    • BSB – 325185
    • Account Number – 03623152
    • Reference – Initial and Surname and Team (i.e. J Smith U14)
  • Collegiate Soccer League (Senior Men) and Senior Ladies
    • Account Name – Mount Barker United Soccer Club
    • BSB – 325185
    • Account Number – 03665418
    • Reference – Initial and Surname and Team (i.e. J Smith Ladies)
  • Adelaide Hills Junior Soccer Association
    • Account Name – Mount Barker United Soccer Club
    • BSB – 325185
    • Account Number – 03665419
    • Reference – Initial and Surname and Team (i.e. J Smith U8)
    • Important that the Child/player surname and age group is noted in the reference field so we will be able to identify payments

Dual Registration

  • If you have an active registration elsewhere, we need to create a new package for you. Therefore simply e-mail [email protected] advising which age group and league you are trying to register with and we will create the package and e-mail you back once it is ready

Sports Vouchers

  • If your child qualifies for a sports voucher  (http://sportsvouchers.sa.gov.au/)
    • Simply download the voucher, fill it out an e-mail it to [email protected]. Once filled out, simply deduct $50 from the money owed when paying by cash, cheque or EFT (If you are using a Sports Voucher it is best not to pay via MyFootballClub, as the credit card payment will be the complete fee)