As a soccer club, we hold the health and well-being of our volunteers and players with the upmost importance. There are two major areas which we focus on to make sure that everyone in our community is doing well.

Physical Health

A physically fit player is able to perform at their best and achieve their aims not only for themselves but also for the club. As a sporting club, physical health is critical to our operations.

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Mental Health

Commonly thought of as simply a name for a condition, such as depression or anxiety, Mental Health is more than this, it is a state of well-being in which ever individual realises his or her own potential.

One in five Australians experiences mental ill-health every year. We as a community want to play a pivotal role in enhancing and supporting the positive mental health of everyone.  We want to ensure all players, coaches and parents feel safe, connected and supported.

Obviously as a soccer club, in the past the number one priority is physical fitness, we want to change that and make sure that mental health is an equal priority by supporting those who are experiencing mental health issues.

We want to encourage open and inclusive conversations around mental health.

Some options available to people in the community include:


If you feel you are in need of immediate support, please visit the Beyond Blue website, call Lifeline (13 11 14) or see your local GP

It’s OK not to be OK