We’re excited to support a local Adelaide Hills business, Roasted On, by being part of their Community Affiliate program for 2018!

The purpose of the program is to create an incredibly fast and easy way for non-profit groups to raise funds. Roasted On has a goal to help raise $1 million dollars in 10 years for worthy non-profit organisations, just like us!

We see this as a great way for local business and community groups to help build a sustainable and exciting community around the Adelaide Hills!

10% of the value of sales that reference MBUSC is donated directly back to the club. This means, you can help yourself, by being supplied with an amazing product whilst also helping the club raise funds to support the community.

To get started, all you need to do is use the following link: ​http://www.roastedon.com.au?rfsn=1086877.bea69

For more information about ‘Roasted On’, check out their Facebook page.

Roasted On – Community Affiliate Program
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