Thursday 3rd November saw another milestone in Mt Barker State League Senior squad with the start of their conditioning training with Tim Jones.

As a club, the senior coaching staff identified the requirement for an intensive pre-season, and the club was able to aquire the expertise of a very experiences and qualified Tim Jones.

We have all been through the “normal” pre-season of long beach runs before Christmas have a break over Christmas come back late January to start training with the ball and play games, well things have certainly moved on from those days, Tim’s philosophy is to train the mind and body, to improve core and overall strength and mental alertness. The club and players are looking forward to reaping the benefits of this next season and with all that Tim has to offer the players, they will certainly ‘hit the ground running’ when the season comes around in 2017.

The boys all turned up in high spirits not quite sure what to expect, after the initial warm up the boys realised something special was going to happen this year. As a group the majority of the squad played with us last year, but the new players who have come on board have straight away shown their worth in being able to join an established group and fit straight in. At the end of the training as group they knew they had completed a tough work out, but all were looking forward to the next training.

Tim will be looking after the players all season and once pre-season has finished and the first team coaches take over the development of the squad Tim will still be there with a maintenance program for the players and also using his experience as a sports massage for any injury prevention and recovery.

As this is our first foray into specialised pre-season we have selected the senior squad for the special treatment, but if anyone feels they could use Tim’s experience and expertise he can be contacted directly on his mobile – 0497 799 271.

A few happy snaps.. so many smiling faces!

pre3 pre1pre2

pre5 pre4



Seniors Pre-Season Begins!
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