Solar Wholesalers

Solar Wholesalers have been supporting the Mount Barker United Soccer Club for a number of years now and they have continued the longstanding support into the future. They are a South Australian owned company based in Mount Barker in the Adelaide Hills. They are a retailer of solar power systems in South Australia. They were in fact one of the first solar power companies to start in South Australia and they have seen a lot of changes in the solar power industry since their beginning in 2007!

They are a quality organisation with a quality product. We recommend supporting them when considering solar products for your home or business.

As part of the of the sponsorship with the club, Solar Wholesalers also offers the following to club members:

  • $150 sponsorship for every job up to 10kW
  • $25 per kW for larger systems up to 99kW

For example:

  • A 5Kw system would be $150 sponsorship to the club
  • A 10Kw system would be $150 sponsorship to the club
  • A 15Kw system would be $375 sponsorship to the club
  • A 30Kw system would be $750 sponsorship to the club


  • Web:
  • Location: Unit 1 – 11 Light Crescent, Mount Barker, 5251, South Australia
  • Phone: 08 8391 6602 / 1300 658 654
  • Fax: 08 8391 6618
  • E-mail: [email protected]

Beyond Bank

Beyond Bank is committed to strengthening communities by helping not-for-profit organisations, such as the Mount Barker United Soccer Club and our supporters, who make a positive difference in the community. That’s why they’ve created the Community Reward Package – which is a way of thanking everyone for the contributions that we make. In addition, just by choosing to bank with Beyond Bank, They will also reward the Mount Barker Soccer Club!

The Community Reward Account is a high-interest savings account that not only rewards members with no monthly fees and 24/7 access to funds, but every year they give a community reward payment to the club or cause of your choice. Therefore, the more you save in this account, the more that is donated to your chosen organisation each year, at no cost to you.

A PDF document explaining all the details off the product and the offer is available via our google drive account: 

Your local Beyond Bank branch can be found at:

Address: 12 Morphett St, Mount Barker SA 5251
Phone: (08) 8391-5183

 DentalCare Mount Barker

DentalCare offer MBUSC players/family a fantastic deal on mouth guards!
  • Adults $130.00
  • School age children
    • Rebate only from Private Health Insurance
    • OR $100 if no Private Health Insurance
Sponsor Rewards and Offers